Voice Feminization Fundamentals

Voice Feminization Fundamentals….Discover Voice Feminization Techniques. One of the most important keys to passing as a genetic woman lies in the ability to sound like a woman. Sounding female covers up many flaws you may have because people just believe their ears.

Simply talking high, or in a falsetto range, causes you to sound like a man imitating Minnie Mouse. Most genetic women speak at a pitch between 208Hz and 233Hz (for musicians G# through B# just below middle C). Ideally, you want to train your voice to speak at 220Hz (A just below middle C).

A popular method of training your voice to sound like a woman comes from female vocalists. Try singing along with some of your favorite artists to acquire a feel for articulation, phrasing, intonation and pacing. By emulating their intonation when you speak, you avoid the mistake of using a pattern with the ups and downs in your voice. As you also begin to pick up the pacing and phrasing, you will realize how much faster women talk than men.

Talking faster sometimes does present a problem with articulation. Since women articulate very well, you need to ensure the quality of your speech as you learn pacing and phrasing. You can find one helpful method of practicing articulation on YouTube. Look up your favorite actresses and try to repeat her lines from a scene until you can match her.

As you develop and maintain your feminine voice, make sure you stay hydrated. Your vocal chords become stiff if they dry out, making it extremely difficult to control your voice. Try and drink two glasses of water per meal and at least one glass between meals, obviously more if you feel thirsty.

If you have a hard time determining how hydrated you are, you can easily figure it out when you go to the restroom. Not necessarily by how often you go, but by how clear your pee is, obviously the clearer the better.

Remember that practice makes perfect. While you may find your voice unconvincing at first, the more you speak the better you will get, until you have an amazing feminine voice. Anyone can do this, even if it takes a little more work for some, you can do it.

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